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Nationality Great Britain 
Formed 2004
Owner James Burgess

About vMaxSR:

vMaxSR was formed in late 2004 by James and Justin as a team that would promote clean, competitive and fun team racing. The team was originally intended to be only a Live for Speed team, but it quickly became clear that the concept could work well in other sims. After a bit of discussion, it was decided that a Nascar 2003 division would be fronted by Dave Ellis.

The team were gearing up for the official team launch on 1st January 2005, but unfortunately the preparations took too long, and the date was postponed by a month. When the team finally officially launched, it already had it's teeth into LFS and N2003 leagues, and it's drivers were already performing well. The N2003 team were already blazing trails in the Phoenix Racing Series, and continued to expand their operations into futher leagues such as dLeague and ESCORS.

With the departure of Dave Ellis and Neil Pearson from the N2003 team, Lasse Fussel took over the reins of the N2003 team and set a standard for all vMax drivers to follow - one of hard work and dilligence, as well as of clean racing. When Lasse left vMax due to personal commitments, young gun Caspar Kahari took over from him and, learning very quickly, soon began to walk in the steps of his predecessor.

Meanwhile, the LFS team was also suffering a number of major setbacks - most notably the fall-through of the team's structure due to inactivity. However, with the team having been restructured recently and fresh motivation having been found, the team is aiming to push towards greater league involvement and improved driver training - with a view to reigniting the passion to be the best team in LFS.

Over the past two years, vMax has grown significantly, with it's membership standing at 29 as of August 2006, a far cry from the two-man team inception. The team is continuing to push forward in it's activities, broadening it's horizons into new leagues and even into new sims - such as GTR and GTR2 (headed up by Steve Pearce).

The vMax story is still being written - and the team intends for the story to get better and better.