V8Thunder Online






Nationality Great Britain 
Formed 2001
Owner Simon Topham

About SRD eSports:

SRD Speedworx Racing was formed in 2005 after Bruce Duncan and Simon Topham merged their respective teams, Sim Racing Developments and Speedworx. But the team, SRD, has been around since 2001, when it was ran under two different banners by original founders, Steve O'Connor (Andromeda Racing Developments) and Bruce Duncan (Poolan Duncan Motorsport). It wasn't until 2004 that the team took on the SRD name tag for entry to the world of NASACAR.

With entry to V8Thunder Steve moved on to a managerial role and also to look at other avenues that the team can peruse leaving Bruce and Simon to do all the driving. Since then the team has grown to what we see today...

For a full and more in-depth team history on all 3 aspects of the team please visit the team website.